Sustainably-Molded Water Tanks –

Now available on the Big Island!

A Revolution in Manufacturing Technology –

Bringing Low-Cost, Zero Carbon Pollution Molding to Kailua-Kona.

Water Tanks Molded Using Heat from the Sun –

No fossil fuel pollution, lower cost, unmatched quality.

Water Tanks, Sustainably Made on the Big Island.

LightManufacturing introduces a revolution in sustainable manufacturing – solar-molded water tanks made in Kailua-Kona.  Low cost, high quality.

Order Tanks Now for Kona-Side Pickup.

Solar Molded Water and Septic tanks on the Big Island Hawaii – sustainable, zero carbon pollution, zero greenhouse gas emission molding using LightManufacturing’s advanced SRM3 (solar rotational molding) system.  Operated by LightManufacturing Systems Inc. 

Solar-molded products meet or exceed the quality, durability, UV resistance, and performance of traditionally-molded products, and offer reduced cost and zero greenhouse gas, carbon, or particulate pollution.  Learn more at