Sustainably-Molded Water Tanks
Now available on the Big Island!
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Products That Are Useful and Local
Tanks made on-island using heat from the sun - no fossil fuels.
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Strong, Large Water Tanks Made Locally
High UV Rating Helps Durability; FDA-grade Materials Make Them Great for Potable Water or Rain Catchment
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Water Tanks Molded Using Heat from the Sun
No fossil fuel pollution, lower cost, unmatched quality.
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Our High-Quality Water Tanks Are:

UV Stabilized for outdoor use – best quality plastic available with a laboratory rating of UV8

Algae resistant due to the black material which reduces algae growth

Impact resistant due to the superior manufacturing process

FDA Compliant The water tanks are made with a high-performance polyethylene resin which complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation 21CFR 177.1520 (1) 3.1 and 3.2 for storage of potable water.

An excellent way to collect rain water, or store drinking water (potable water) for Home and Business applications.

Molded on the Big Island using 100% solar thermal energy – zero carbon emissions, zero pollution.

Backed by a 40 month warranty against failure – (3+ years!)  

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Why LightManufacturing?

Locally Produced

Molded on the Big Island using 100% solar thermal energy


Zero carbon emissions, zero pollution

FDA Compliant

Safe for storage of potable water


40-month warranty against failure
(3+ years!)

In addition to water tanks, our new technology will be used on future products, such as septic tanks, kayaks, coolers, nursery pots, truck transport tanks, etc.

We’d love to hear from you if there is something else you can think of that would be great to have made locally on the Big Island and with a sustainable energy process.

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