LightManufacturing Water Tanks are a great way to collect rain water, or store drinking water (potable water) for Home and Commercial applications.

Molded on the Big Island using 100% solar thermal energy – zero carbon emissions, zero pollution.  Watch the video!
• Water Tanks are molded in black plastic to reduce algae growth.
UV Stabilized for outdoor use – best quality plastic available!
• Lab rating of UV8
• 40-month warranty against failure (3+ years!) – read terms and conditions.
• Superior impact resistance
FDA Compliant! High-performance polyethylene resin complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation 21CFR 177.1520 (1) 3.1 and 3.2 for storage of potable water.

290 gallon and 500 gallon water tanks on the Big Island

LightManufacturing, 290 and 500 gallon tanks.

Yes! Our solar factory is humming along at full power and we’re molding tanks every day. See customer photos and comments. Happy customers have picked up 290 gallon, 500 gallon, and our huge 950 gallon tanks from our Kona facility.

In 2021 we added a new size of tank (the 950 gallon) and while the mold was being built we let customers pre-order them to ensure they’d get the first tanks made. All of those backorders have been fulfilled early in 2022, and we’re cranking out all sizes, As of this post (March 2022) we have good stock levels for every tank model. Order yours today!


  1. Just place your order for tanks at our Order Page,
  2. Schedule a pickup time and date that works for you to pick up your tanks at our Kona location.

Have questions?  Please contact us.  We’re here to help.

To provide you with the best value we offer the most popular fitting and lid options on each tank size. We offer a limited number of lid or fitting options (some at additional cost).

No, putting hot liquids into any polyethyelene tank is unsafe! Do not attempt.

Yes, our water tanks are made with materials rated at UV-8.

Tank lifespan varies with installation methods and local conditions. Under normal use, we anticipate 5-7 years. Please see our warranty here: https://bigisland.lm.solar/terms/

Our patented solar molding process eliminates the cost and pollution of burning fossil fuels, allowing us to offer high-quality products at better prices.

Yes, you will be given a specific time to pick up your tank so that someone will be available to assist you in loading your truck.

Yes, LightManufaturing water tanks are made with food-grade, FDA-compliant polyethylene and are suitable for drinking liquids.

Yes. This is something you would do on your own and take responsibility for, but you could cap off the existing bulkhead, drill a new hole 6 or more inches away in a different location and then insert your alternate fittings which you would provide on your own.

The walls of our water tanks vary in thickness. In general, the bottom of the tanks are approximately .35 inches thick and the top of the tanks are approximately .20 inches thick. One of the very unique aspects of our patented solar rotational molding process is that we can control the thickness and we are able to make the bottoms thicker than the top.

Our water tanks are brand new and created here in Hawai’i using solar energy.

We mold food-grade polyethylene, which begins to soften at 240F and melts at 280F. We never burn plastic! The ignition temperature for polyethylene is approximately 439F – we always operate well below this temperature.

We are currently testing methods to recycle post-consumer plastics in California, and we hope bring the technology to Hawai’i soon.

Our array reflects up to 100,000 Watts of energy onto our molds under ideal conditions. We do not make significant electricity – rather we use solar energy as heat to warm our molds to form plastic parts. We do not store energy or transmit it off-site.

We are proud to be tenants in the Hawaii Ocean Science & Technology Park which is administered by NATURAL ENERGY LABORATORY OF HAWAI’I AUTHORITY. You may find more details and contact information here: http://nelha.hawaii.gov/