Several Water Tank Sizes Available!

LightManufacturing opened on the Big Island at the beginning of 2021.  Our team worked hard to achieve something remarkable:  the world’s first production-scale solar molding facility.  Using our patented technology, we’re able to make water tanks without burning any fossil fuel for heat.   We started out by offering 290 gallon tanks, then 500 gallon tanks, and then we set a stretch goal of making 950 gallon tanks.    This required a new big mold, so we let our most enthusiastic customers ‘pre-order’ the 950 gallon size while the mold was built and tested.  

We fulfilled all of our pre-orders early this year, and have increased our molding speed by more than 300%.  The result?   Build quality is second-to-none, with bulkhead fittings and 16″ lids included.  

So join the sustainable manufacturing revolution that’s starting here on the Big Island, and save money while you do it.  Oh, did we mention our prices are extremely competitive? 

– Aloha from your friends at LightManufacturing.